Types of Hardwood Floors That Are Best for Dogs

Many homeowners wish to have beautiful hardwood flooring in their homes but to those who have dogs, this can be quite challenging. While pet owners want to have hardwood flooring in their homes that can be able to withstand the claws of their dogs, there are still some very important factors that you need to consider when you want to use hardwood flooring in Atlanta. The question is, can hardwood floors and dogs co-exist as well as live happily ever after? It is quite a challenging question to answer since all hardwood floors will dent and scratch over time if you have pets in your home – it is just a matter of a number of scratches, as well as how mHardwood Floorsuch it shows. However, this is certainly not the reason that you avoid installing hardwood flooring in your home if you have dogs.   


Most of the time, this question is less of a problem with other pets such as cats, but can really concern with dogs, most especially the active and big ones. Aside from that, while there are other things you can do to at least lessen the damage that they can possibly create to your hardwood floorings such as nail filing or nail clipping, we still want to focus on the types of hardwood flooring, which can last much longer even if you have pets at home and can take a better beating compared to other types of hardwood flooring. Continue reading below to find out what types of hardwood floors are best for pets, especially dogs.  

Types of Hardwood Floors that are Good for Your Dogs  

  1. Avoid Soft Types of Wood Floors  

When you have dogs at home, it’s extremely important that you don’t use soft wood flooring in your property. These can include:  

  • American Walnut pine, Cedar, Fir  
  • American Walnut  
  • American Cherry  
  • Caramel Colored Carbonized Bamboo  

These types of woods are softer, which means they can dent very easily, even if you do not have pets at home. While these types of woods look beautiful, they not really practical to use. And, ironically, these types of wood flooring are more expensive since there are only fewer people purchasing them and there’s lower supply in the market. You should also note that American Cherry and Walnut are not the same with Walnut and Brazilian cherry. American Cherry and Walnut are soft types of wood, while Brazilian Cherry and Walnut are hard wood.  

  1. Consider Using Hardwood Floors that Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

Solid hardwood flooring is usually a better option since it has better quality. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floorings can have a limited amount of standings. In addition to that, it’s always the best idea to have an insurance plan so that you can have peace of mind since you can be able to finish hardwood flooring if ever you get pet stains or deep scratches. If you want to install hardwood flooring in your home, make sure that you only get to hire a professional hardwood flooring contractor in your area.