The Freshest Catch in the Sea 

For well over 150,000 years, human beings have been having seafood as a part of their nutrition, with evidences from sea caves in the South African region depicting early human beings harvesting marine life for consumption. Ancient Egyptians would fish along the Nile river, and have developed techniques for drying and storing fish, having dried fish as a staple in their daily diets. Fast forward to today, the seafood industry is expected to reel in 140 billion dollars in fish and seafood trade.

Freshest Catch in the Sea

With the earth’s surface being covered in around 71% water, it is no surprise that seafood is found in the diets of countless countries, with each nation having their own take on the creatures that dwell in the water. From fish, to shellfish, clams and octopus, seafood offers tons of options for anyone looking for seafood for their next meal.

Consuming fried seafood in brooklyn isn’t just appetizing, but it offers tons of health benefits as well. Fish that have a higher oil content are rich in Omega-3 oils, which are essential for the human body to function properly. Fish also tend to be low in fat and calories, which help people fight common coronary heart diseases. They are also a good supplement for health bone and teeth development.

Shellfish on the other hand such as clams, mussels, and oysters are rich in zinc, which help with the development in healthy skin, muscles, and fertility as well. These foods are also a good source of protein and generally have low levels of cholesterol. The human body benefits a lot of eating seafood. It lowers the risk of common heart diseases, it boosts the development of the brain, and consist also of higher levels of good cholesterol.

Although consuming seafood is generally good for you, like any other food that’s good for the body, moderation is needed to ensure balance. Seafood may be an ideal choice for meals, but too much seafood could also cause some problems in your body.

Fish and other seafood generally contain high levels of mercury, commonly found in the form of methylmercury, which is an organic compound of mercury that has high levels of toxins. It is in the muscles of the fish where this toxic compound is stored. Some fish have higher levels of mercury than others, because when fishes of larger size consume smaller fish, they absorb the entire mercury levels of the fish they have consumed.

People should also be wary of allergies with seafood, as some seafoods are such as shellfish contain more common allergens. Crustaceans also appear to have more food allergens present, in shrimps, crabs or lobsters. Allergic reactions to these allergens range from minor reactions to severe or even fatal reactions. So before enjoying seafood, be aware of allergens that you are allergic to, and be prepared by carrying with you medicine that prevents or fights allergic reactions.

Seafood will always be a good choice for food if prepared right. There are a lot of options, and a lot of benefits that go with them. Just keep in mind that consuming seafood in moderation is the key to a balanced diet.


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